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NPMA – Form 33 WDI (Wood Destroying Insects) – After a couple of grueling weeks of studying we are now 100% approved to be licensed in Massachusetts Category 43 – Termites

The main purpose for us getting this certification was definitely to gain more knowledge about one of our favorite Sharon pests but the real reason that we spent a couple of stressful weeks jumping through hoops to obtain the license was on some potentially incorrect information that we received from a very reliable and trusted source. Did we need this certification to fill out NPMA – Form 33 WDI?? We called everyone from all Massachusetts authorized Cat 43 instructors to Dr. Michael Bentley, Entomologist, with the National Pest Management Association and still did not get a 100% solid answer but the consensus leaned toward us not needed to have this certification to fill out the NPMA -Form 33 WDI.

We now confidently offer NPMA – Form 33 WDI for Real Estate transactions. The NPMA – Form 33 is required for all VA and HUD loans and is also required by many financial institutions.

Please contact us for all of your NPMA – Form 33 WD1 needs. If you are buying a house in Sharon, Easton, Mansfield, Foxboro, Walpole, Norwood – or any surrounding towns – we can help you with your Real Estate inspections.