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We here at Be Gone Pest Management are gearing up to take the final exam in the Purdue Pest Management Extension Course – Intro to Urban IMP.  Being so busy it has take us the full 18 months (yes we had to pay for the extension) but we think we are ready.  Next Sunday is the BIG DAY.  The timing is a little tough being so close to St. Patrick’s Day and so many birthdays (including mine) – but it will be worth it!  

I have gone though all of the Chapter Quizzes and did pretty good.  After all grading was returned I went through and made a flash card out of each of the questions.  We now have over 500 flashcards derived from the Truman text.  I plan on not only using these for myself but will also have them available for all of our current and future technicians.  Training and education is extremely important to us here at Be Gone.

As soon as this and the MA PAC (Massachusetts Problem Animal Control) test are complete I will be able to focus and this website and some advertising,