(508) 520-2033

We LOVE our honey bees!  That is why when a Franklin business called us regarding a swarm of bees attached to the exterior of their concrete block building we did all we could to assist.

The business owner was not 100% sure what kind of bees she had on her building but with a few close up shots were able to identify the swarm as honey bees and put the business owner in touch with the local chapter of the New England Beekeepers Association.  If you suspect a swarm of honey bees you can either give Be Gone Pest Management a call at 508-520-2033 or Google your local chapter of the New England Honey Bee Association……I am sure we would both be willing to help!

Our immediate response to these types of calls help our clients keep their projects moving and saves them both time and money. Contact Us immediately with any pest problem, we can help!