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Last week we received a frantic call from a homeowner off of East Street in Sharon, MA. Little bugs were crawling all over her two young sons and all of their toys.

Bird Mites on Foot

Bird Mites On Homeowner’s Foot (Click to Enlarge)

The toys had been stored in a large outdoor toy box under an enclosed three season room. This was also the storage area for a lawn mower, grill and several other garden tools and outdoor items. When we first got to the house, we initially thought that the very small bugs may be a very large hatching of ticks….but there were so many….it could not be ticks. Our second through was some kind of mite….but what kind? After consulting with our favorite local identification expert – Kevin Moran from Forshaw – AND finding out that birds had been nesting in the floor joists overhead, we confirmed these little bugs to be Bird Mites….and there were thousands of them! It took three treatments to finally get rid of all of the pesky little mites.

Lesson learned – no matter how much you love and want to protect the little birds – never let them nest in or too close to your house! If you see these pesky little Sharon Bird Mites in your yard – do not hesitate to call us here at Be Gone Pest Management!!